Stitch Markers are used to mark your place in knitting; this is especially useful in complicated patterns, Increasing, Decreasing etc.  Circular, Top Down and Felted knitting patterns especially advise on marking stitches and rows with stitch markers.  There are two basic styles of stitch markers, the type you slip on to your needle between stitches and 'Hook on type' (usually a plastic coil or plastic mini safety pin) mine are the former type.  I prefer the over needle type, they are very quick and simple to use and can be transferred from needle to needle with no bother/ stopping starting, or pull a loop in your knitting, nor do they have a way of un-hooking and losing your place at a crucial point in the work!

I have been a keen knitter for many years and fell to making these stitch markers because I could never find a satisfactory design.  Many stitch markers on the market are made with beads threaded on nylon, very pretty but the nylon always seems to snag on the work, often if plastic beads they are too light and are a nuisance, getting in the way of the work, they also have a very limited life.  I have an enormous range of designs, sizes and holders, if you have something special in mind or have particular requirements please contact me, I am happy to make one off commissions; for example I tend to put most of the stitch markers on 10mm rings, but you might want smaller or larger 4mm -30mm, there is an endless selection of charms, why not personalise your stitch markers with motifs special to you?

The size of stitch marker is dictated by personal taste, style of knitting and the size of needles and yarn you are using, for large needles and chunky wool you would want a ring size larger than your needle gauge      (12mm +) and quite large robust charms which will not get lost in the work, for fine work and things like socks worked on four needles, small light dainty charms on  4mm,  6mm, or 8mm ring would be best.  For fine lace work you will need particularly smooth simple charms that cannot get caught in your work (smooth circular "coin" shaped charms are perfect).  8mm - 10mm are a good standard size that will suit a wide variety of projects.  Extreme knitting (on giant needles) will need giant stitch markers!

I endeavour to offer the stitch markers at the very best price to my customers, I have various ranges from simple Budget Markers, inexpensive charms sold on a simple safety pin, Standard Range - high quality charms sold on a heavy weigh kilt pin from 5-8cms and a few Luxury Sets, special charms often enamel etc.  I also try to offer a variety of seasonal and limited edition sets, watch out for my Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine, St Patrick's, St George's, Mothering Sunday and many more!

How many stitch markers can a knitter need? Loads if you are anything like me, I always seem to have half a dozen projects on the go at any one time! I always try to post items promptly and supply the highest quality goods, occasionally something goes wrong; a parcel does not arrive the wrong goods are sent etc., PLEASE contact me and give me a chance to put it right, I have worked hard to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and will endeavour to go on doing so.  HAPPY KNITTING